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Welcome to our new guild website!

Fallen Angels is a new World of Warcraft social raiding guild based interested in progressing through game content while having fun with our friends.  We emphasize "having fun with our friends" as our top priority and we aim to keep it that way!

If you find this appealing, please apply to the guild for membership using the "apply to guild" tool above or contact one of our most excellent officers in-game (

Thank you!

Guild Leadership brought to you by:
Sylvermagic (CO-GM & Professions/Questing/Guild Progression Lead)
Codewhite (CO-GM & Website/Ventrilo Admin/PVP Raid Lead)
Amandic (Officer/Recruiting/Arena - PVP raid Lead)
Shadowslicer (Officer & Guild Bank/Treasurer)
Schutzengel (Officer)
 (Officer & Raid Lead)

 (Classic Content Raid Lead)

Guild News
Other Guild News

Fallen Angels Downs the Lich King!

Gwinsee, Feb 6, 11 9:36 AM.
Congratulations to all who participated in this WotLK classic raid event and to our excellent raid leadership.  

Fallen Angels Downs Putricide!

Gwinsee, Dec 5, 10 12:56 PM.
With clockwork like precision,  Fallen Angels downs Putricide and, we caught his execution on Video!  Check it out!

Earn a chance to WIN a RARE Proto-Drake Whelpling In-Game Pet! See the Member forums for details!

Gwinsee, Nov 30, 10 3:00 PM.
Earn a chance to WIN a RARE Proto-Drake Whelpling In-Game Pet!  See the Member forum for details!  

Updated Officers Meeting Minutes now available!

Gwinsee, Nov 30, 10 1:19 PM.
Updated Officers Meeting Minutes now available in the officers forum.  For all officers present, please check for accuracy and anything I missed!


Gwinsee, Nov 23, 10 12:09 PM.
Yes Folks,  Fallen Angels Downs its old nemesis Rotface.  With careful application of skill,  coordination,  teamwork and a little goo gone, we finally downed him.  Check out the screenshots in our raid progression gallery!  WAY TO GO FALLEN ANGELS! 

Our Message to Rotface

Gwinsee, Nov 22, 10 1:44 PM.

Our First ICC as a guild!

Gwinsee, Nov 7, 10 1:09 AM.
Our first ICC raid tonight Led by GalaxyGodess Went very well!  We made it all the way to Rotface on our first outing.  More Bosses down tomorrow for sure...:)  Grats and thanks to everyone that attended.

Fallen Angles Dominates ToGC

Gwinsee, Nov 5, 10 1:48 AM.
We did it!  And we have the pictures to prove it!      Check them out in our screen capture gallery....:)

SYLVERMAGIC completes the Battered Hilt Quest

Gwinsee, Nov 2, 10 11:24 AM.
Yes folks,  the heralds of Azeroth sang her praise as she completed this lengthy and highly sought after quest with a little help from her friends...check out the screenie in the guild gallery!

Web Site Live!

Gwinsee, Oct 31, 10 11:27 AM.
Hey Guys!  Hope you like the new guild web site.  I'll be adding more content as time permits and, as always, your comments are welcome!

- Krayzee
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